My name is Richard Stuart Dixon. During my years as a high school teacher in British Columbia, Canada, I wrote, directed, and produced over one hundred and sixty large-cast scripts for my drama classes. I’m offering an assortment of these stage-tested scripts for the free use of teachers and their students.

I hope you’ll enjoy perusing the scripts as they’re added to the site. They vary in style and content but share an architecture in which roles are evenly apportioned.  Most offer gender-flexible casting, and all are reasonably solid training plays that can help young actors become more proficient in their craft.

Here’s a useful link if you want to quickly search through the scripts:

Quick-Search Script Index

And here’s a link to detailed script summaries:

Script Summaries and Production Notes

If you’d like to request the use of one of the scripts, please contact me at:

…and I’ll give you formal permission, plus as much help as time affords! I look forward to providing you with a useful interactive service.

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